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Zest Sports massage is also available to attend your club/event for massage.

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Events Massage can be very helpful in the following ways:

  • Used in conjunction with a warm-up routine, pre-event massage helps to increase the physiological, physical and psychological readiness of the body for competition: circulation is increased, range of movement and flexibility is increased and the stimulating techniques used ensure the right degree of psychological readiness is maintained.

  • Post-event massage is used primarily to help alleviate cramps or muscle spasms, facilitate the removal of excess fluid in the tissues and help restore the body's functions to normal. Research has shown that post-event massage does help to prevent DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Practitioners will also use this session to advise on the need for further clinical treatment if necessary.

  • Where competitors have multiple heats/games/matches on one day, inter-event massage can balance the need of the body to recover from the previous exertion with the need to ensure it is ready to compete again.

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